Add some sparkle to your marketing materials with our bespoke illustration service.

graphic design image

Illustrate your message

Using imagery in your print project or on your website is a great way of engaging with the reader and immediately grabbing their attention.

In the majority of cases this is achieved with the use of photographs that visually represent or compliment the subject matter. In some instances, a design requires something a little different in order to make it stand out from the crowd. Illustration can often be more effective than photography when trying to achieve a specific visual style. A bespoke illustration starts as a blank piece of paper, giving you the flexibility to create something totally unique and generate a lasting impression with the reader.

Our illustration services include:

  • Digital illustration

  • Converting logos to vector

  • Infographics

  • Portraits

  • Caricatures / Cartoons

  • Medical Illustrations

  • Brand mascots

  • Line art illustrations

  • Technical illustrations

Mixing technology with tradition

All our computer generated illustrations are designed in either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, programmes that our talented team of designers know inside out. We generally create all digital illustrations as vector graphics, a file format that is infinitely scalable without any loss in quality.

In order to offer a complete illustration service, we have teamed up with popular local artist Tony Brook. Tony has over 30 years experience in the advertising industry. Working as Creative Head of a leading northern ad agency he has visualised campaigns for many blue chip companies including Yorkshire Electric, TSB Bank and British Steel. All Tony’s illustrations are created using the traditional techniques and tools of the ad man, a pad of paper and some magic markers. In a world where nearly all design is produced on the computer, the demand for traditional design and illustration is dramatically increasing.